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GeorgeTown, Malaysia: The Border Hop Turned Weekend Getaway

George Town, Penang Find Georgetown on a map: Here    The 6 Reasons You Need To Visit: 1. It’s the perfect border hop! (Read on for Directions from Thailand) If you’re past your stay in Thailand and those 30 (or 60 days depending on an extension) are up, you’ll likely be coming to Georgetown for a […]

Singapore Official Backpacking Guide: Our 3 Days In This Futuristic City

3 days in Singapore! In honor of our new favorite movie Crazy Rich Asians, we want to share our unforgettable experience in Singapore with all of you! It was so fun watching the movie because we were in the filming locations during the same time as shooting 🙂 Singapore: It’s a spotless and booming city, […]

Cambodia Travel Plans: Check Out Our Favorite Spot In Siem Reap!

Cambodia will forever be home to our favorite city…Siem Reap. You need to include Cambodia in your bucket list. Not only is Angkor Wat a short tuk-tuk ride away, but this Wonder of the World isn’t the only reason to visit. When delicious food, ancient history, and friendly locals combine, it’s something you don’t want […]

Anxiety While Backpacking: 8 Crucial Steps To Reduce Everyday Stress

“Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them” – Steve Maraboli. No matter the personality, you will experience moments of anxiety while backpacking. It’s a hidden truth behind all those dreamy social media posts. I would be lying if I said traveling for 300 days (right after graduating college) was […]

Business Opportunities Abroad: When Passions And Residual Income Collide

Our Business Mentality: The Beginning – This business plan be the start of something new. Kyle and I discovered and developed our entrepreneurship mentality over the course of our 10 month exploration. As we all know, you have plenty of time to sit and think while you are traveling and we started to optimize that […]

Travel With A Purpose In Mind: Can You Really “Find Yourself”? (Part 1)

It’s exactly a year since Morgan and I began our journey to SE Asia. While we’re sitting here in a Starbucks (among other professional writers hoping to make it big) we’re choosing to focus on the importance of travel. Around the world, there are thousands of recent university graduates (Congratulations! Hangovers only get worse…), hundreds […]

Pack That Backpack: The 8 Essential Things You’ll Need For The Big Adventure!

To pack for a trip might seem like a no brainer…except for when you are traveling overseas or for longer periods of time. Here are the best packing for backpacking tips:  #1: Bring a…backpack. *But not just any backpack!* When you decide to begin a backpacking adventure, Osprey bags are just about as good as […]

Apps For Travel: 12 Helpful And Necessary Apps Every Backpacker Needs!

Here are the most helpful and necessary apps for travel! No matter the duration, budget, or reason, you won’t regret downloading these magical creations. Top Travel Apps #1: TripAdvisor For a one stop shop with great deals, you want this app. Think of an online Costco, but instead of massive packs of tortilla chips you’re […]

Malacca: A Trendy Cafe Lover’s Guide To An Overlooked Riverside City

Malacca : a quaint, historical city located on a beautiful river bank.  Malacca is a European – Esque town smack dab in the middle of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It’s the perfect place to stop as you are traveling between these locations! Kyle and I did just that. Making our way down from KL to Singapore, […]

Thai Food: The Fastest Growing Cuisine In The World (Recipes Included)

If you’ve never tried Thai Food, you must be channeling your inner Patrick Star, because you are living under a rock. You’ve probably started to notice in just about every movie this past year, one of the characters will say “want to try that new Thai spot down the street?” or “Let’s go grab Thai […]