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How To Start A Business While Traveling: When Passions & Residual Income Collide

The Beginning – This could be the start of something new. Kyle and I discovered and developed our entrepreneurship mentality over the course of our 10 month exploration. As we all know, you have plenty of time to sit and think while you are traveling and we started to optimize that time. We were more […]

Value of Travel: Can You Really “Find Yourself”? (Part 1)

It’s exactly a year since Morgan and I began our journey to SE Asia. While we’re sitting here in a Starbucks (among other professional writers hoping to make it big) we’re choosing to focus on the importance of traveling. Around the world, there are thousands of recent university graduates (Congratulations! Hangovers only get worse…), hundreds […]

How To Prepare For SE Asia: Which Countries Require A Visa Payment?

Travel Visa regulations are constantly changing. That’s precisely why it’s important to stay updated and have access to the correct information. If you’re thinking about traveling to SE Asia, we have all the information you need. Here you will learn about the specific instructions for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, and India. Disclaimer: […]

Surprise Vacation Anyone? Book Flights/Hotels With NEXTOP TRAVEL

Welcome to your entertaining, informative, and border line magical advice of the day. Have you ever wanted to go on a surprise vacation? A vacation where the planning, scheduling, and repetitive inputting of information was done for you? Interested? Well…NEXTOP Travel has you covered. Morgan and I are teaming up with this incredible company because […]