GeorgeTown, Malaysia: The Border Hop Turned Weekend Getaway

George Town, Penang Find Georgetown on a map: Here    The 6 Reasons You Need To Visit: 1. It’s the perfect border hop! (Read on for Directions from Thailand) If you’re past your stay in Thailand and those 30 (or 60 days depending on an extension) are up, you’ll likely be coming to Georgetown for a […]

Cambodia Travel Plans: Check Out Our Favorite Spot In Siem Reap!

Cambodia will forever be home to our favorite city…Siem Reap. You need to include Cambodia in your bucket list. Not only is Angkor Wat a short tuk-tuk ride away, but this Wonder of the World isn’t the only reason to visit. When delicious food, ancient history, and friendly locals combine, it’s something you don’t want […]

Monkeys In Southeast Asia: How We ‘Almost’ Got Bit By Some Furry Creatures

Each country has their own unique issues…most not involved around a toupee and a wall. In SE Asia there’s some key information you need to know regarding safety with wild animals, especially monkeys! This could save you a lot of time, money, and prevent a ruined summer vacation. Today we’re focusing on rabies. What are […]

Vacation With A Surprise! Book Flights/Hotels With NEXTOP TRAVEL

Have you ever wanted to go on a surprise vacation? A vacation where the planning, scheduling, and repetitive inputting of information was done for you? Interested? Well…NEXTOP Travel has you covered! Morgan and I are teaming up with this incredible company because it embodies our personal goals for this blog: reigniting the adventure of travel […]

Travel With A Purpose In Mind: Can You Really “Find Yourself”? (Part 1)

It’s exactly a year since Morgan and I began our journey to SE Asia. While we’re sitting here in a Starbucks (among other professional writers hoping to make it big) we’re choosing to focus on the importance of travel. Around the world, there are thousands of recent university graduates (Congratulations! Hangovers only get worse…), hundreds […]