Visa for SE Asia: Which Countries Require A Visa Payment?

Travel Visa regulations are constantly changing. That’s precisely why it’s important to stay updated and have access to the correct information. If you’re thinking about traveling to SE Asia, we have all the information you need. Here you will learn about the specific instructions for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, and India. Disclaimer: […]

Passport, Visa, and Extension: Travel Hacks You Need Before Going Abroad

For those who don’t know, your passport isn’t enough when entering some foreign countries. Don’t be the person who holds up the terribly slow immigration line with a dumb look on your face. Morgan and I traveled to eight SE Asian countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, India, and Singapore. If you’re planning a […]

Ubud, Bali: Top Places To Eat For Those Indecisive Food Loving Travelers

Do you ever find yourself planning a vacation by food first, then activities…? Meet Morgan and me. We will plan the next day and the day after that based on what food we want to eat and what restaurants seem enticing. Sound like anybody you know? If dinner is planned before breakfast, that’s you. Without […]

Motorbikes in Bali: The 9 Best Ways To Get Around This Beautiful Island

After 30 days of riding motorbikes through emerald green rice terraces and to roaring waterfalls, we will attempt to bring Bali to you. Whether you’ve been there before or you’re in the process of planning a trip, our posts will help you better understand this magical island. While Morgan is currently writing about our favorite […]

Money Saving Techniques While Traveling: 10 Things You Need To Do

It’s difficult to understand how your money is spent even if you’re only purchasing ramen noodles. The list of travel expenses add up: rent, transportation, activities, and motorbike tickets in Bali for driving on the wrong side of the road. Here’s our 10 best money saving techniques for traveling. No matter where your next adventure […]