Malacca: A Trendy Cafe Lover’s Guide To An Overlooked Riverside City

Malacca : a quaint, historical city located on a beautiful river bank.  Malacca is a European – Esque town smack dab in the middle of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It’s the perfect place to stop as you are traveling between these locations! Kyle and I did just that. Making our way down from KL to Singapore, […]

GeorgeTown, Malaysia: The Border Hop Turned Weekend Getaway

George Town, Penang Find Georgetown on a map: Here    The 6 Reasons You Need To Visit: 1. It’s the perfect border hop! (Read on for Directions from Thailand) If you’re past your stay in Thailand and those 30 (or 60 days depending on an extension) are up, you’ll likely be coming to Georgetown for a […]