Monkeys In Southeast Asia: How We ‘Almost’ Got Bit By Some Furry Creatures

Each country has their own unique issues…most not involved around a toupee and a wall. In SE Asia there’s some key information you need to know regarding safety with wild animals, especially monkeys! This could save you a lot of time, money, and prevent a ruined summer vacation. Today we’re focusing on rabies. What are […]

Anxiety While Backpacking: 8 Crucial Steps To Reduce Everyday Stress

“Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them” – Steve Maraboli. No matter the personality, you will experience moments of anxiety while backpacking. It’s a hidden truth behind all those dreamy social media posts. I would be lying if I said traveling for 300 days (right after graduating college) was […]

Business Opportunities Abroad: When Passions And Residual Income Collide

Our Business Mentality: The Beginning – This business plan be the start of something new. Kyle and I discovered and developed our entrepreneurship mentality over the course of our 10 month exploration. As we all know, you have plenty of time to sit and think while you are traveling and we started to optimize that […]

Vacation With A Surprise! Book Flights/Hotels With NEXTOP TRAVEL

Have you ever wanted to go on a surprise vacation? A vacation where the planning, scheduling, and repetitive inputting of information was done for you? Interested? Well…NEXTOP Travel has you covered! Morgan and I are teaming up with this incredible company because it embodies our personal goals for this blog: reigniting the adventure of travel […]

Backpacking Southeast Asia: The 9 Values Built While Traveling (Part 2)

Times flies. As I sit at a Starbucks in Orange County, CA, exactly 365 days since Kyle and I began our backpacking adventure, I am in awe of everything we accomplished, experienced, and learned. Backpacking South East Asia was a gift. “You find yourself while traveling”. Yes, everyone knows the cliche and you are probably […]