GeorgeTown, Malaysia: The Border Hop Turned Weekend Getaway

George Town, Penang Find Georgetown on a map: Here    The 6 Reasons You Need To Visit: 1. It’s the perfect border hop! (Read on for Directions from Thailand) If you’re past your stay in Thailand and those 30 (or 60 days depending on an extension) are up, you’ll likely be coming to Georgetown for a […]

AirBnB: The Revolutionary App Every Traveler Needs (Pros and Cons)

How do you use Airbnb? I’m sure many of you have used AirBnB at least once in the past couple years. If you haven’t used it to book a home (or recently an experience), then you’ve probably just looked at the most expensive/luxurious ones and drooled over the photos. Check out this one in Greece… […]

Traveling Post-Grads: The Extraordinary And Unexpected Adventure

Six weeks down in SE Asia..possibly 46 more? Well, we arrived back in Bangkok. No plan, limited funds (spent A LOT of money traveling through Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and India…that Tokyo bullet train ain’t cheap), and exhausted from traveling non-stop for 30 days. We booked a place through Airbnb like all adventures begin these days. Our […]